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"Bakin' up Sweet Memories!"

Mrs. Crabtree's Creations focuses on our specialty of customized cakes, cupcakes and more based on a particular theme or occasion. Our desserts are truly unique and we guarantee that you won't find them at your local bakery.  All our desserts are homemade and one of a kind. We have a variety of cake choices, fillings and frostings to choose from and we will customize your dessert any way we can to satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to designing unique cakes, we also have a variety of delicious baked goods including chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries and, of course, our CRABBIES.   We also create Edible Party Favors, including cupcakes, cookies and chocolate pretzels to give your guests an everlasting memory of your special party. 

Mrs. Crabtree started baking at a young age. Growing up, it was always her 'job' to bake all of the desserts for holiday gatherings and she did it with great pride. When it came to baking, her parents were great encouragement as she spent hours in the kitchen. Even though the young Miss Crabtree would make a disaster of her mom's kitchen, the anticipation to see and taste Miss Crabtree's desserts was very exciting. No matter how big the mess, the overall result was always outstanding and the special fun memories will last forever and ever.

The young Miss Crabtree always looked forward to everyone's response and enjoyed the "Oooohs and Ahhhs" as they admired the appearance of her desserts - not to mention the raving reviews on its taste! Years of experience have allowed Mrs. Crabtree to perfect her talent of baking and every dessert is made to order with alot of love, which has always been the key ingredient to a delicious end result. When Mrs. Crabtree got her own kitchen, she decided that she wanted to share her delicious desserts with even more people and that is why she started her own baking company. The combination of 'sweetness' and tradition always seem to put a smile on someone's face. 

Serving Cakes/cupcakes to Staten Island.  Some items are available for shipping in the USA.  Please contact us for more information.


When Mrs. Crabtree saw the success in her custom desserts, she didn't want to leave anyone out.  That is why she's created her own line of Custom Dog Treats, Cupcakes and Cakes - especially made for your pooch!  All Pets are special, so why not give them the special treats they love!  Poochie Pet treats are all-natural, have no preservatives and are fun to eat!  All treats are handmade and designed with your furry friends in mind.  We carry treats for dogs, as well as, make special cakes and cupcakes for your pets' special occasions!  All Poochie Pet Treats are also SAFE for humans -- just in case you get tempted!  All pet treats are available for shipping within the USA.


Shop Mrs. Crabtree's Clothing, Accessory and Gift Line!

Shop Mrs. Crabtree's Clothing, Accessory & Gift Line HERE!

Specialty Cakes, Cupcakes & More!  Also baking Homemade All-Natural Dog Treats!


Cupcake & Cake Orders Delivered Only.  Some items available for shipping.  Contact us for more information.  

E-mail us at or call 347-460-0441.

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